Heating devices heat things up. They aid in the manufacture of a variety of items. Better heating devices generally have better results. You need to power these devices with some form of energy: sticks, coal, electricity, etc.

Types of heating devicesEdit

Heating Stand (Built from 3 stone poles, and a skull)

Furnace (Built from 5 slabs of stone)

Forge (Built from 2 iron or bronze ore, 4 slabs of stone, and must have a suitable shelter)

Smithy (Built from 9 slabs of stone, 4 lead or tungsten ore, and must have a suitable shelter)

Electric Furnace (Built from Furnace, Thermocoils, Electric Adapter)

What they doEdit

Refinement (They can refine your ores from mining into more usable materials)

Turn various organic material into string

Cooking (Make your food more nutritious and safe to eat)

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